Are you often sad and feel down or depressed? Are you worrying a lot, do you feel disheartened and hopeless? Do you have strong feelings of inferiority, that you don’t trust yourself to do anything and are you always blaming yourself? Do you have trouble staying focused which then, for instance, affects your school results? Do you feel totally listless and that things that cheered you up in the past no longer excite you?

If some of these symptoms apply to you, you might be suffering from depression. It is also possible that you have strong mood swings: From total highs to deepest sorrow. Some girls withdraw from other people and isolate themselves more and more, even though they feel very lonely at the same time. Often this is accompanied by sleeping disorders, such as having trouble falling asleep or sleeping through the night. In could also be that you sleep extremely long, to escape the unpleasant feelings.

Depression may be combined with feelings of despair, fear, helplessness and hopelessness. Your thoughts run in circles and despair grows and grows. This may lead to suicidal thoughts or even suicide attempts.

In this situation it is important to break out of the isolation and search for help, for instance in an information centers such as FeM-Mädchenhaus. You can contact us anonymously using the website’s online-consultation.

The situation is not as desperate as it may seem. Negative experiences such as rejection, criticism, loss, mistakes or failure are often starting points for depression. Such experiences are always painful. Sometimes they are easy to cope with, but other times we can hardly overcome such situations. This is when depression can develop. It is reinforced by negative thoughts, which prevent us from seeing the positive things in life that may help us. For example, situations may appear much worse than they actually are. We might feel extremely helpless, despite the fact that help is available. We may not be able to find solutions, which we were able to find in the past. Try to keep your focus on such solutions. For instance, if you have the tendency to questions your own value, you should ask yourself if the standards you set are too high and you are too much of a perfectionist. Maybe your judgement of other people is much less critical. You should not concentrate on the things that don’t work, instead, you should focus on the things you can achieve.

We will help you to find out what’s going on with you, and why you are currently depressed when facing problems. We’ll find out what the root cause is and how you can get out of this situation. There will not be an immediate solution for everything, but it’s possible that together we’ll find a way to overcome this.