Who do we consult? Which topics do we address?

This page is an offer for girls* and young women* between the ages of 12 and 25 years of all origin, religion and any sexual orientation with or without disability.

Girls* and young women* have to deal with sexist comments or advances every day. On the train, in school, at work or even when spending time with friends. In case you experience the same and you are not willing to accept it but do not know how to react, the online consultation is an offer for you to seek advice.

Further, you can contact us in case you are experiencing or have experienced psychological, physical or sexual violence and are in need of support.

Other topics, which you can address to us, are:

  • You are constantly arguing with your parents and you cannot take it anymore.
  • You have problems in school.
  • You are not sure if you like boys* or girls*.
  • You do not feel comfortable in your body.
  • You are hurting yourself and do not know how to stop it.
  • You are experiencing mobbing in the internet and you do not know how to react.
  • You are supposed to be married to a man, whom you do not know and do not want to marry.
  • Your parents want to send you to your country of origin against your consent.

We also offer consultation to friends of the concerned girls and young women to all these topics.

In case you address another topic to us, we are happy to connect you to the experts in the field and offer you support to find the right contact.