Handling suicide intentions and threats of mass shootings

Maybe you are sometimes very angry or very sad and we would like you to know that it is safe to share these feelings in our online consultation service. It is a part of growing up, that you realize that you are able to end your own life and that such an attitude can also be dangerous for others. You can and should exchange your thoughts with us on these topics.

If you are clearly expressing the intention to end your own life in the open forum and the consultants have to assume that you will go ahead with this intention, FeM Mädchenhaus is legally obliged to help and stop you. Otherwise we would be held legally liable (StGB § 323c - Unterlassene Hilfeleistung).

Expressing the intent of suicide, a murder or a mass shooting lifts our confidentiality at FeM. Our consultants then have to do everything they can to find and help you or to protect others. This means that we will inform the police. The police then receives your IP-address (the address from your computer, which you messaged from) and with a court order the police may then determine the location of your computer. The police will then get in touch with you and your parents in order to clarify how they can help you.