How fast will I receive a reply?

The FeM Mädchenhaus information center is staffed from Tuesday to Thursday from 12-18:00 and on Friday from 12-17:00. In this time, the consultants read and reply to all the inquiries and submit posts within the forum. When you sign up and you write your first inquiry, you receive an answer within two working days. This means that when you reach out on a Friday afternoon or on the weekend, your inquiry will be read and answered and/or posted on the following Tuesday from one of our consultants. In a consultation that has been going on for a while, the consultant will inform you about when to expect her next reply. Usually, you receive one answer per week.

Sometimes you might need help urgently, in such cases you should directly contact the police (dial 110) or the free child and youth protection telephone of the city of Frankfurt (dial 0800-2020111) or the number against sorrows “Nummer gegen Kummer” (dial 116111).