Job and career

What do you want to do for a living, as a career? It is important to ask yourself this as early as possible - because then you have many options to set the right course for your future. Do you have a dream job? Are you wondering which profession suits you? Many girls initially think of classic “women’s professions” such as hairdressers, florists, health care workers or medical assistants. They are certainly interesting jobs, but these typical women's jobs have one thing in common: They are poorly paid. Also, they reduce women to stereotypical characteristics that are supposedly 'typically female': That women are meant to be pretty, kind, helpful and self-sacrificing and their life revolves around looking as beautiful as possible and being there for others.

First, take a look at which chances and opportunities exist and what is accessible to you. Possibly a lot more options than you expected. Broaden your horizons. Try to gain practical experience. Find out whether you can get a 'taste' for a job at the work place of relatives or friends - not just through school internships. Or even take the courage to specifically ask for an internship where you would like to work.

There are often expectations from others, which we should fulfilled. This may include the fact that a girl should not have any educational training at all. Instead, she should get married as soon as possible or be there for the family. What you want is the most important thing, not what others want for you! It can often be difficult to cope with such expectations.

Ask yourself what you want and what's best for you. Would you like to start a career and earn lots of money? Do you prefer family and children? Do you envisage the best of both? How can this be achieved? What are your strengths and skills? If you are interested in professions, inform yourself about the requirements. What kind of school grades or entry requirements do you need? Do you need an Abitur (Gymnasium-level leaving certificate)? Or a University degree or apprenticeship? If the hurdles in reaching your dream job seem high, don't be easily discouraged. Take small steps, then start tackling the hurdles! Trust in yourself!

If you find it difficult to choose a career path or if there are problems and conflicts, seek help. For example, with the online advice on this website - we are happy to help you!