Info Zone

Online consultation – this is how it works! consists of different areas:

The safe area

In the safe are you can place your inquiries, if you want to keep them private and avoid them being read by others. This means you receive the answers by our employees of the information center at FeM Mädchenhaus. If you leave your Email address, you receive a notification once the answer has been submitted. Then you only have to login with your nickname and password and check your inbox.

The individual chat („Einzelchat“)

Within the individual chat you can ask questions, which are meant to remain private. The answers you then directly receive from our employees at the information center of FeM Mädchenhaus. We are there to support you. The individual chat is offering you the opportunity to remain completely anonymous and is not linked to a certain place. The chat takes place from mobile phone to mobile phone and all you have to do beforehand is to download the free app “Signal”. Then you can place your inquiries by contacting the following number: 0176-45859576. Here you can find further information.

The information area („Infobereich“)

In the info area, you can find information on various topics, for example sexism, depression, self harming behavior, transsexuality, and many more. The info area is available in German, Turkish and French. The topics do not only offer you different information but also lead you directly to options for seeking help or further contact points to get in touch with for support.
However, the safe area and the open forum are currently only offered in German language.

Her Story

The section her story serves the purpose to publish your posts. It is about sharing your story and how you have handled a tough situation with other girls and women. You can either write a text or sketch a Comic, which will encourage other girls and young women. In case you have expressed yourself in song or an animated movie, we will make sure to share them within our her story section. Send us your text, comic, song or movie to maedchenberatung [at] under the subject line “her story” and we are happy to publish it in case it is in accordance with our guidelines.

My zone

In the section my zone you get an overview about your current inquiries. You can check if you have received new requests from the open forum or if a consultant has replied within the safe area. Further, you can follow forum entries from the other users.

By the way:

We offer anti-sexism workshops for groups of young women.
You can find out more about this offer here.