What we do not publish!

To keep your anonymity, we are going to change your post in case you i.e. use your real name, a name of a friend or your school. We are doing that in order to protect your privacy and so that you cannot be recognized. Before we publish a post of yours, we will therefore remove or edit these captions and we will inform you about these changes.

If posts insult or devalue other forum users, we delete them immediately without a comment. The same goes for content, which does not belong into the online consultation.

Fem-onlineberatung.de is addressed to all girls and young women, regardless of their looks, origin, religion, sexual orientation, with or without disability. Therefore, we do not tolerate posts with sexist, racist or inhumane contents.
In case such a post is considered criminally relevant, they are not published by us and instead are handed over to the responsible authorities for criminal prosecution.