Life planning / Forms of life

What does life have in store for you - do you sometimes ask yourself that? What dreams do you have for the future? And do you think that you can make it happen? Or perhaps not? If not, why? Do you lack the confidence to do all that? Or do you think that your circumstances prevent you from doing so? And that there is little you can do about it? Do those around you expect something different from you than you yourself would like? Or do you have absolutely no idea what your future should look like?

Then try to find out! You, yourself can do a lot to make your wishes come true. Maybe it is easier than you think! The sooner you start, the better.
Some people dream of freedom and self-fulfillment. Some dream of an interesting, well-paid job. Others dream of trips all over the world or living in another country or being part of a big family. Some would like to have a child - or even an entire soccer team of kids. Some yearn for the great love and dream of falling in love with their dream prince or dream princess. Maybe you are wishing for something completely different. There are many different life pathways - and in our society everything is possible!

Find out what suits you. Where are your skills and strengths? If you see obstacles to your future goals, then try to find out exactly what they are. What will it take for you to overcome these? What would you have to change for that? Could someone help you with this?

If you are looking for help with your life planning, you can also contact the online counselling center on this website. If you are curious about how other girls imagine their lives, then ask in the open forum.